Hello and welcome to my website,

Before I ask you, let me tell you about myself and my family. I've been walking for a while but recently I started talking. I speak English, Hindi and a little bit of Bangla, soon I might learn another language known as Punjabi. Find it strange? Its very common these days I believe as my parents come from different regions where they spoke different languages. And then I was born in the US where everyone speaks english.

I finished my first year of play school, had loads of fun in my summer camp and will be starting my 3yr class next month... I love to read (hmm... actually my mom reads to me) books at my free time, as I'm busy playing the whole day, if I'm not watching TV :) but my mom says this schedule will soon be reverted for a good few years :( anyway that's then, why to worry now??

Here is a list of my favorite characters
  • Bob The Builder
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Calliou
  • and a few other Disney toons

My grandparents and a lot of other family members are in India, I don't know when will I be visiting them, but once I do, I'll surely let you know about them all.

What does Arghya mean by the way...?

Arghya (Sanskrit) Variant of argha (from the verbal root arh to be worthy, deserve)
As an adjective, venerable, deserving; as a noun, an oblation reverently offered to Gods or exceptionally worthy human beings and consisting of flowers, water, rice, and durva grass; also the container or vessel in which the libation is made.
In short an offering worthy enough to be give to the God.
My Grandma gave me this name!!